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Struggling with infrequent tenancies, rental troubles and management woes in your investment property?


Why not engage a Property Manager to assist you?

Find yourself a Property Management team who will:

• Understand your needs

• Know how to maximise return

• Acquire and maintain frequent tenancies

• Have a passion for finance and property

• Provide a service and rental guarantee

• and protect your investment.


Receive all of this and more- within the GM Homes Property Management Department.


Why GM Homes Property Management Services?

Our Property Management department is a market leader and that shows in our statistics: not one client we’ve served has opted for another property manager.


Plus, we offer a something you cannot find anywhere else.

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Property Management

Exclusive Property Management Dual Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service within the first three months of appointing us,

we will refund your management fees. Plus, we will support you in

finding a replacement agent- no questions asked.


Rental Guarantee

We will lease your property within a maximum period of four weeks vacancy.

If we fail to secure a suitable tenant within this time, we will cover the rental payment

until the asset is tenanted- guaranteed.

It is because of these assurances that we genuinely believe we are a cut  above all the agents you have spoken to previously.

Experience the benefits of securing your Investment Property with a professional Property Manager.

Outstanding property management combined with property rental assurance equals peace of mind property investment. Please click the below link to find out more.

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