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Our Services

GM Homes - Platinum Package

Leasing Commission= 1 weeks rent + GST

Lease Renewal Fee= 50% of 1 weeks rent + GST

Rent Collection Fee= 7.5% + GST

Administration Fee= $5.00 + GST per month

Our all-inclusive platinum package provides for a complete property management service, including:


  • Our unique dual service guarantee;

  • Listing your property on 13 of the most dominant online portals including,,, and at no extra cost;

  • Showing your property to potential tenants are processing applications;

  • Screening applicants using TICA, database checks, verifying identification, verifying all information supplied in application and submitting to the client for instructions;

  • Facilitating all paperwork and legal documents involved with the tenancy including the lease agreement and all notices;

  • Collect, account and disburse rental monies;

  • Perform quarterly written routine inspection reports with photos provided to the client;

  • Managing all maintenance and repair requests from enquiry to completion and payment of invoice;

  • Negotiating lease renewals including providing a rental appraisal to the lessor.

  • Provide end of month and end of financial year statements.

  • Invoicing tenants for water chargers and collecting funds from tenants.

  • Paying rates and water charges from rental monies collected if required by client;

  • QCAT court application drafting and attendance.

Are you looking for...

...Quality tenants?

We have a comprehensive application process for all prospective tenants and we verify all information supplied, checking identification and performing TICA tenancy database searches.


​...Superior customer service?

We are big enough to meet your needs but small enough to never treat you like just another number. We will respond to enquiries on the same day they are received or the next business day. We will meet with you personally where geographically able to and do everything we can to make you our client for life.

...Clear communication and reporting? 

Our reporting is second to none. Routine inspection reports are completed the month after a tenant is approved to move in and then quarterly thereafter. Reports are always in writing and accompanied by clear photos of the property. Our reports are comprehensive and include information on water charges, smoke alarm compliance, insurance, cleaning, maintenance, pest and building inspections, gutter cleaning and much more. It is a one stop shop to get you up to speed with your property in minutes.

...Balance between rental return and vacancy rates?

Rent reviews take place annually are are designed to ensure the property achieves a balance between rental return and low vacancy. Our aim is to maximise your net return rather than focus on one aspect at the cost of the other.

...Competitive pricing?

There are no hidden costs or added extras with our charges, unlike most of our competition. We pride ourselves on our changes being transparent and easy to predict.

Guarantee Terms & Conditions

We will let your property within a maximum period of 4 weeks from the date the property becomes vacant. In the event we fail to secure a tenant in this time, you can nominate the letting fee you believe to be fair based on our performance as your agent. Conditions of the guarantee are that you accept our professional advice regarding price and improvements and you agree to act on that advice with 24 hours are notification. If the property requires improvements or renovations the guarantee will commence from the completion date. 

If at any time you are not satisfied with our performance you will have the right to terminate your agreement immediately. If you decide to terminate the management there will be no fees payable by you to us from the date of termination. If you terminate within the first 3 months of appointing us we will refund your management fees and even help you find a replacement Agent.

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