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About GM Homes


GM Homes is a boutique building & financial services company encompassing Australia’s first unique full service investment property product. Since 2005, over 3,000 families have chosen GM homes to build their investment properties to fulfil their investment requirements and create long term financial stability.

GM Homes是一家建築及金融服務公司,擁有著澳大利亞首個獨特的全面 服務房地產及投資產品。自2005年以來,已有超過3300個家庭選擇GM Homes來建設他們的物業 居所及投資,以滿足他們的投資需求並創造長期的財務穩定性。


GM Homes is second to none, offering in depth expertise, real world skills and experience. Our unique point of difference is the relationship we establish with our clients, helping them achieve their long-term goals.

GM Homes在這行業內是首屈一指的;我們能夠為您提供深入的專業知識及實用的技能和豐富的經驗以作參考。 我們獨特之處是:我們會與客戶建立長久的合作關係,達成將來更好的目標。


GM-Homes business model is structured on client focused not lender focused mortgage and finance solutions for optimum performance.



The path includes access to mortgage and debt reduction through property investment therefore offering secure financial and retirement solutions. GM-Homes do all the hard work with an in-house property management and rental assurance expert team.


Investment in Australian Property with GM Homes Provides:

通過GM Homes投資澳大利亞房產能提供

Our Philosophy


  • Individual ownership of land 土地的個人擁有權

  • Income producing assets創收資產

  • A full turn-key product 己完整裝修。即可入住

  • Stable returns 穩定回報

  • Long term growth 長期增長

  • 6 year builders warranty 6年建築商保修

  • 25 year structural warranty 25年結構保修

GM Homes International




The GM Homes philosophy is to give our clients lifestyle choices.

GM Homes的理念是為客戶提供不同生活方式的選擇。


We are a business that live by its values, we strive to create an exceptional experience for every client relationship and interaction in order to create a difference and deliver a positive result.



We pride ourselves on delivering exemplary service that includes customised solutions tailored to your individual lifestyle and investment needs, and a long term relationship support throughout your investment journey.


Our Team


GM Homes’ key personnel have over 200 years combined experience throughout a range of property and finance professions. The team is proactive and dedicated to providing our clients with:

GM Homes的主要人員於各種房地產和金融行業上擁有超過200年的綜合經驗。 我們的團隊積極主動,並致力於為客戶提供:


●      Property investments enabling wealth creation 財產投資促進財富創造

●      Mortgage and debt reduction creating a financially sound future 抵押貸款和債務減少以創造一個合理財務的未來

●      Securing a wealthier and comfortable lifestyle 確保更富裕,更舒適的生活方式

Glen Miller GM Homes

Glen Miller

Director | Loan Strategist | Chief Finance


Responsible for the sourcing of your investment property assets, including land, and mortgage finance requirements in Australia.


DipFin, DipMBM, DipFINPlan, DipTA, LREA QLD, NSW & VIC, Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

Jo GM Homes

Jo Iliescu

General Manager | Strategy & Solutions


Responsible for facilitating client relations, process and strategy of your finance and property journey in Australia. 負責服務您在澳大利亞的財產之旅中促進客戶關係、財務流程和戰略。


Garrick G Developments

Garrick Bull

Construction Director


Responsible for the planning, design and construction of all house and land packages.


MBQ 27200, HIA 930035, MBA nsw 3012153, NSW BLD LIC 257206C, NSW BLD LIC 237332C, VIC LIC db-l40993, QBCC 1086689, QBCC 738924, BSA LIC 738924, QBCC 15043056

Michael GM Realestate

Michael Elder-Mitchell

Property Manager 


Responsible for the ongoing management and maintenance of your investment property asset. 負責持續管理和維護您的物業投資資產。


 Green Colour GM Homes

Why Invest With Us


Providing full mortgage finance,  property investment, and building services we have a unique ability to source the best locations, the best quality products and merge together with the best financial options.


1.     Property investing expertise in Australia

2.     Property management with service & rental assurance

3.     Sourcing of high quality assets including land & building assets
採購包括土地和建築資產在內的優 質資產

4.     Secure rental returns & capital growth

Our Services


Property Management


Our property management department is a market leader and that shows in our statistics: we have never lost a client. In fact, we are so confident you will love our service as much as we love to provide it that we offer a dual service guarantee:

我們的物業管理部門是一個市場領導者,在我們的統計數據中顯示:我們從未失去過一個客戶。 事實上,我們非常有信心令您會滿意我們的服務,因為我們會誠實及認真地提供服務,並能提供雙重的服務保證:


Service Guarantee



If you are not satisfied with our service within the first three months of appointing us we will refund your management fees and help you find a new agent no questions asked.



Rental Guarantee



We will lease your property within a maximum period of four weeks vacancy. If we fail to secure a suitable tenant within this time we will cover the rental payment until the asset is tenanted.

我們將在最多四週的空缺期內租賃您的物業。 如果我們未能在四星期內找到合適的租戶,我們將支付租金,直到物業有新租戶為止。確保有租金收入保證。

Property Managemnet GM Homes
Building and Construction GM homes

Building & Construction


Our building partner, G Developments, is a leading builder of quality new homes in some of the most desirable real estate markets across Australia. Our homes demonstrate a commitment to customers by showcasing outstanding new home construction and a dedication to excellence in home building.

我們的建築合作夥伴,G Developments,是在澳大利亞的房地產市場中的領先建築商。通過展示出色的新住宅建築和致力於在住宅建築方面達到卓越表現,我們的家園可展示出對客戶的承諾。


G Developments point of difference is our amazing range of unique, eye-catching designs that suit your needs, budget and block.

G Developments的不同之處是我們擁有新颖舒適引人注目的設計系列;保證一定能夠滿足您的需求和預算。

Mortgage Services


Every year thousands of foreign investors, Australians living abroad and temporary Australian residents decide to buy a home or investment property in Australia.



GM Homes has access to over 28 mortgage lenders to enable us to arrange the most suitable mortgage facility for you.

GM Homes我們公司是與超過28家抵押貸款機構合作長久,以便我們為您安排最合適的抵押貸款。


We are able to compare Australian non resident loans from over 28 lenders to ensure the correct finance solution to optimise your property investment strategy.


Mortgage Services GM Homes

Our Builder


Your dream home or investment property



Our builder, G Developments is responsible for the construction of house/land product. Through their experience they are able to simplify the build process and provide cost effective solutions. They have strategically chosen locations with Queensland and New South Wales being the fastest growing regions. Their affiliations with leading supplier’s means high quality inclusions are incorporated as standard.

我們的建築商G Developments是負責房屋/土地產品建設的。 以他們長年的經驗,他們能夠簡化構建過程並提供經濟高效的解決方案。 他們亦戰略性地選址了在兩個增長最快的地區 - 昆士蘭州和新南威爾士州。 同時,他們與領先供應商的關係意味著高質量一定需要被納入標準之內的。


G Developments has completed homes totalling over 500 to 600 builds per year. Both the benefits of their purchasing power and proven processes are passed on to you the client.

G Developments每年已建設總計超過500間房屋。 他們的購買力和對流程的成熟都會對客戶您有所益。

G-Developments Logo

Benefits Of Building With Us



G Developments offers ‘points of solution’ and convenience that are unsurpassed by other businesses in the same industry. These include:

G Developments提供同一行業中其他業務無都法超越的“解決方案”和便利點。 這些包括:


●      Affordable new homes 經濟實惠的新屋

●      Cost effective investment properties 具有成本效益的投資性

●      A guaranteed 15 weeks construction period* 保證15週的施工期*

●      Excellent quality inclusions 優質的內含物

●      The option of fixed price contracts 固定價格合同的選擇

●      A 6 year Builders Warranty 6年建築商保修

●      A 25 year Structural Warranty 25年結構保修

●      Quality assurance construction methods 質量保證的施工方法

●      Engineers inspections 工程師檢查

●      The option of turn key upgrades 一站式升級的選項

●      Split level construction 分層建築

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