The question many face when delving into retirement planning is simple. “Can I afford to retire?”

When contemplating retirement, you may find yourself wondering; will you be able to afford it, will you live comfortably, or is it too soon for retirement?


Of those who live to retirement, 95% will be dependent on friends, relatives, a job, or living with help of Social Services. 5% will simply have to keep working.


Where will you be?

Most Australian professionals may find themselves left wanting more when they hit retirement. To ensure you’ll enjoy a comfortable, stress-free retirement, we encourage you to seek advice from a professional team to assist you with this pivotal point in your life.


GM Homes will develop a strategy for you and your unique situation and requirements, for a financially secure retirement.


There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to superannuation. You have your individual needs, requirements and wishes. GM Homes lifestyle choices will always respect what’s best for you, your retirement and your future.

GM Homes offers advice and support, including a comprehensive serviced designed specifically for people with SMSFs’ (self-managed super fund). Our qualified experts can help you find the super fund that will best suit your needs.

SMSF is currently the most popular type of fund within Australia’s superannuation industry.

The benefits of SMSF:

• Greater control over how the funds assets are invested.
• The ability to invest directly into residential and commercial property.
• The possibility of leveraging assets.
• The ability to pool funds with family members.

• Flexibility when transitioning into retirement.


GM Homes Australasia Pty Ltd is in the business of providing residential property for investment both inside and outside SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund). Information provided by GM Homes Australasia Pty Ltd or its staff/representatives  is general in nature and for educative purposes only. Mortgage advice is provided by Need A Mortgage Pty Ltd, ACL 365679. GM Homes Australasia Pty Ltd policy is to refer potential SMSF clients wanting to proceed with an SMSF to an AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence) holder for an SOA (Statement of Advice) before providing any property services, to this GM Homes Australasia Pty Ltd have a panel of AFSL service providers for the purpose of the client obtaining an SOA. Further  potential clients are free to engage an AFSL service provider of their own choosing for the provision of a SOA. GM Homes Australasia Pty Ltd have no commercial arrangement with any AFSL holders.  

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Retirement Planning & SMSF

61% of Australians have no idea how much is in their super fund

Optimise your financial future and comfortable retirement with GM Homes today.

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