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Residential Rental Assurance

We understand the process of investing in a residential property is met with quite a lot of uncertainty. You may worry about lack of tenants, low rent payments and more…

And you’re completely entitled to those worries- there’s a lot on your plate!

That’s why we’re here. We want to alleviate these worries for you, with our tailor-made Residential Rental Assurance services.


What is Residential Rental Assurance (RRA)?


RRA is a combination of rental assurance (which limits vacancy costs) and professional assistance to oversee property management. Plus, when structured properly, this service can be claimed as a tax deduction.


Picture RRA as a security blanket for your investment.


Much like car insurance, you want to protect your asset against any possible hiccoughs along the road. That is exactly what you will achieve by engaging GM Home’s for rental assurance services.


Made to reduce risk, improve cash-flow and secure your investments.


“I was a little bit cautious about investing in a rental property, but I have to admit that dealing with the guys from GM Homes was an absolute pleasure. They eased my wife and I through it so well that I will be back for another one. Thanks Glen and Jo.”  - Terence M.

GM Homes’ have developed Residential Rental Assurance services made specifically for you and your property – providing you with security for your investments.

Backed by years of experience, you can look forward to receiving:

Five years’ worth of professional, cash-saving security,

• A minimum rental requirement for optimal cash-flow,

• All annual vacancies are limited to 3 weeks to reduce loss,

• Initial vacancies that are limited to 6 weeks,

• and more…

Enjoy the confidence of protecting your investments professionally.

Ready to find out more about how GM Homes’ can help you reduce the risk of long periods of time without rental income on your investment property?

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