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How to obtain the best from your Investment Property

The number one reason investors hesitate about their first Investment Property is most often uncertainty about rental vacancies and the effect this can have on future cash flow;
What if we don’t get a tenant in time?
What if we don’t get the rent we need?
What happens when the tenant moves out?
What if my property manager is not doing the best job? Who helps me when these things happen?

Property Rental Assurance Provides

A combination of rental assurance & professional property management. The best part is that when structured correctly the Tax-Man pays it for you; the actual after tax cost per week for most clients is between $0/wk & $2/wk.

Property Rental Assurance

  • Limits your initial vacancy to 6 weeks;

  • Limits you annual vacancy to 3 weeks;

  • Limits your minimum rental to that used in your PIA;

  • Provides an experienced team of Real Estate Professionals to provide your property management;

  • Last for five years

GM Homes are not the only organisation to recognise that clients wish to minimise their exposure to the risk of long periods of time without rental income to offset their investment property mortgage payments. As examples, Defence Housing Authority offer a 10 year lease and OzInvest offer a 10 year rental guarantee (both forms of rental assurance), and a major independent real estate manager in Brisbane offers a five year rental guarantee to clients.

  • The DHA rental guarantee costs clients about 7% of their rent, or about $25/wk before tax benefit = $17/wk net.

  • The OzInvest scheme costs clients around $15/wk before their tax benefit = $10/wk net.

  • The Brisbane independent Property Manager offering his own scheme has set the charge at 5% of rental income, which equates to around $18/wk before tax benefit = $12/wk net.

  • Our Residential Rental Assurance is not paid out of rental income, it is funded using a totally different model designed to minimise the cost to clients. This means it costs clients around $0-2/wk net – vastly better than anything else on the market ($12 – $17/wk) for effectively a similar cover.

Outstanding property management combined with property rental assurance equals peace of mind property investment.
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