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Housing Affordability Crisis

A housing affordability crisis could see thousands of Queenslanders displaced as an investor incentive scheme expires.

The National Rental Affordability Scheme, which has run for 10 years, was set up to give investors incentive to keep their properties affordable.

But as the offer expires, there’s potential for more than 9500 properties to see a rent hike.

Everybody’s Home spokesperson Kate Colvin told Sofie Formica rent was already ‘sky high’ in Brisbane, rising 14 per cent in one year.

“What perhaps wasn’t known at the time was we were going to have COVID crisis, which would send even more people north to sunny Queensland.

“The rental crisis in Queensland is even worse than before and having these incentives expiring on top of that situation is just going to make it really impossible.”

She says there needs to be more support to alleviate the issue at a Commonwealth level.

“The Queensland government are already putting a big investment into affordable housing.

“We need the federal government to step up and make their contribution.”


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