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Proudly family owned and operated for over 15 years.

Providing you expertise in the areas of Property Investment, Mortgage Finance, Wealth Creation, high preforming property Management, all along with our in house conveyancing team.

Over 2,200 families have chosen GM Homes  (Australasia) Pty Ltd to build their investment properties 


Proactive, Efficient and Dedicated to Providing Full Support Throughout the Investment Journey.


GM Homes (Australasia) Pty Ltd is a boutique building, finance & mortgage services company encompassing Australia’s first unique full service builder investment property product. Our philosophy is to give our clients a lifestyle choice, we are a business that lives by its values and strives to create an exceptional experience for every client relationship in order to deliver positive results. We pride ourselves on delivering a one-on-one personal service, building long term relationships and providing full support throughout the investment journey.  Our Finance and Mortgage  Services division is proactive and dedicated to significantly reducing mortgage debt and tax for working families, individuals and households, to secure a financially sound future and a comfortable retirement.



Have you been looking for a way to reduce stress regarding the rental vacancies of your investment property? Guarantee the rental income of your investment property with GM Homes’ Rental Assurance Services.



Looking for a way to reduce tax-time stress without wasting any more of your precious time and energy? For a way to optimise your tax claims whilst staying true to the letter of the law, GM Homes will be your partner. With a personalised Tax Efficiency strategy in hand, you’ll always be a winner. Find out more about our Tax Efficiency services today.



It’s easy to overlook the little things when you’ve got your eyes on the bigger picture. You need to ensure you won’t become stuck amongst excess fees, hidden expenses, and years of stress . GM Homes’ specialised team is here for you, your investment, and your future.



Time to sell or lease? Do you want specialised guidance from agents with experience in the field without excess fees? Our small collective agency is always on your side with tailor made marketing strategies for all people, all budgets and all sales.



You already know there’s a lot to consider when investing in property. Making sure you’re entering the market at the right time, researching certain suburbs, and planning finances is a lot for one person to handle. With the help of GM Homes’ Property Investment services, you’ll be across everything- always.



Construction loans, self-managed super fund loans, property investment loans…  for specialised lending, you only have one chance to ‘get it right’. Make things easier with the assistance of a professional, accredited service today. Find out more about GM Homes’ specialised finance services today.


Glen and his team at GM Homes (Australasia) Pty Ltd have supported and provided us with educated information which has enabled us to create a new vision for our future. They are journeying with us so that we can achieve the financial freedom we desire for our retirement! Thank you all

Jo & Jason Stanley

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